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Licence from ASIC

We have applied for a licence from Australian Securities and Investments Commission.

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Member of IFAAA

We are a practicing member of the IFAAA Gold Standard of IndependenceTM.

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Certified Financial Planner®

Our financial planners are members of the Financial Planning Association.

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Meet Our Team

Diverse views, common values and a team approach to creating better outcomes

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Our Difference

How our approach in serving our clients sets us apart from other advisory firms

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Taking the Long View

Nearly a century of experience understanding the markets and capitalizing on what lies ahead

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Irene Ankerstar

Client Services Manager


Irene graduated from New Mexico State University with a Bachelors of Business Degree.  Irene worked for several years in administrative positions in both the private and defense sector.


Irene has worked for Ankerstar Wealth for over two years in several different roles. Irene’s best strengths are relationship-building and an exceptional attention to detail and are being utilized in her current role as the Client Services Manager. She enjoys the practical aspects of maintaining the long-term relationships with our investment and super clients through their everyday transactional requests, preparing forms and documents.

Steve Ankerstar

Certified Financial Planner®


Steve holds a Bachelor of Engineering degree, and has completed three Masters Degrees as well as the first two years of his Ph.D. in Finance. He has also achieved the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER® certification, a standard recognized internationally.

  • United States Air Force Fighter Pilot
  • Founder, Afterburner Financial

With three decades of experience in financial and investment markets having invested since the age of 16,  Steve performed pro bono financial planning while in the military helping veterans and their families to get what they want out of life.

Steve has a particular interest in providing tailored financial and investment advice to help clients build passive income streams to meet their retirement income objectives.

Candice Licht

Operations Manager


Candice graduated from the University of Wisconsin with a BBA Degree in Information Systems.  Candice worked for several years doing system support for a home health care agency in Austin, TX.

Candice also graduated from Grand Canyon University with a Masters in Education and had taught elementary school for 8 years prior to accepting her current position with Afterburner Financial.

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Financial Advice

Comprehensive and objective advice for all your financial questions

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Business Advice

Complete business advice service that covers from idea creation to cash flow forecasting

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Retirement Planning

We can help you carefully consider your financial strategy for retirement

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No matter what stage of your financial life your are in, we can help you make the most of what you have!